Build a Lean Manufacturing Enterprise

Manufacturers often struggle to keep up with demand and increase productivity and capacity. They must continually enhance their work processes to support growth.

The DEMEP Lean Manufacturing Program helps manufacturers apply Lean principles, tools and techniques by using a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste in their work processes, and by instituting a philosophy of continuous improvement. It’s not telling you how to do your job, it’s about training and helping you to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Because lean enterprises rely on a people-oriented approach, they empower teams to take actions that provide improvements.

Employing the principles of Lean Manufacturing helps you improve quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction by eliminating waste in all your work processes. In turn, this helps drive down operating costs.

Improve Quality – Quickly identifying potential problems and addressing them early in the process minimizes rework and improves the overall quality of your end product. Companies can typically reduce defects by at least 20% per year and improve quality by up to 85%.

Increase Productivity – Lean techniques allow you to produce more with existing resources by eliminating non-value-adding activities. Companies can increase productivity by up to 35% per year.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction – Lean enterprises deliver the quality products your customers demand – on time, every time. Companies can typically enhance customer satisfaction by reducing lead times by more than 70% and increasing “on time delivery” to almost 100%

Reduce Operating Costs – By improving quality, productivity and customer satisfaction, companies can substantially reduce operating costs. For example, by eliminating or streamlining work processes, companies can typically reduce inventory more than 75%.