Analytical Tools for Statistical Approach

Improve performance and reduce errors with Six Sigma Green Belt with a Lean approach.

Manufacturers often struggle to reduce costly production errors that bleed the company’s bottom line.

The DEMEP’s Six Sigma training is one of the most talked-about improvement processes available today. Six Sigma methodology is designed to analyze problems that occur in the manufacturing process and reduce defects to just a few for every million units made.

This workshop will help you define, measure, analyze and improve production to eliminate errors. This class moves individuals forward on their way to becoming a Black Belt – part of a skilled labor force that can lead the company through the Six Sigma process, eliminating costly variations and then preventing the errors that threaten to creep back into production.

Use a Systematic Approach to Data Collection with Design of Experiments.

Design of Experiments workshop discusses how to develop appropriate experimentation strategies for developing and improving products and processes using the Strategy of Experimentation (SOE) methodology.  The discussion includes the design of experiments concepts, methods and tools needed to implement SOE. The approach has been used for many years by hundreds of organizations to speed up the development and improvement of their operations.  Without a strategy for experimentation deciding what data to collect, when to collect it, and how much data to collect can be problematic.  Creating and using strategies based on an assessment of the experimental environment enables the collection of the right data in the right amount at the right time. The SOE methodology, originally developed at DuPont, has been used effectively for several years to accomplish this goal. This process is a particularly valuable approach for those attempting to identifying or define critical characteristics and attributes for inputs in a multi-variable processes.